American girls are not attracted by Asian guys?

American girls are not attracted by Asian guys?

We know that American guys like Asian girls. Of course, it depends on who it is. However, American guys are generally fascinated by Asian girls’ exotic appearance, personality or the feeling that they are something different from American girls. Because of these reason, there’re quite many couples of American guy and Asian girl out there. On the contrary to this, do you think American girls like Asian guys? I don’t agree with that. Most of girls through out the world like the guys who are taller than themselves, I think. That’s why American girls are not attracted by the Asian guys who have small build. One day, I asked same question to American girl from the yoga club I went before and she answered me in good fun. American guys have cute butt and sexy hairy arms but Asian guys don’t. Of course, it depends on who it is. 🙂

What do you think?


Stupid News: Library Condiment Vandal, BUSTED Dumping Mayo In Book Drop

Library Condiment Vandal, BUSTED Dumping Mayo In Book Drop

BOISE, Idaho (AP) – Police in Idaho think they might have solved a yearlong condiment crime spree.

Authorities a 74-year-old Boise woman arrested after pouring mayonnaise in the Ada County library’s book drop box is a person of interest in at least 10 other condiment-related crimes.

Joy L. Cassidy was picked up Sunday at the library, moments after police say she pulled through the outside drive-through and dumped a jar of mayo in the box designated for reading materials.

Cassidy was released from jail and faces a misdemeanor charge of malicious injury to property.

Boise police say Cassidy is under investigation for other cases of vandalism that started in May 2009. Library employees have reported finding books in the drop box covered in corn syrup and ketchup.


I committed a condiment-related crime when I was little. I poured sugar in flowerpot. I thought flower might like sweet sugar like me.

So, she might think the books were old and dry? 🙂

#6 American people are not interested in Worldcup?

American people are not interested in Worldcup?

I like soccer so much and Worldcup game is one of my favorite spoting events. I listened sports related show airing from public radio channel on June 15, 2010. It introduced some big sports matches which will be opened coming weekend. It mentioned about Tiger Woods who will participate in US Open Golf and the story about NBA playoffs. However, it didn’t mention about Worldcup at all. It already passed several days after opening ceremony and there were many big matches during the week and even weekend but was nothing about Worldcup.

If so, what is the reason?

One of my American friend told me that soccer is not suitable for the commercial in US broadcasting system. There are so many commercials during the sporting events. Actually, I remember that I watched TV commercials almost every 10 or 20 minutes in a game. However, soccer games last 45 minutes without any break time. That’s why broadcasting companies don’t like to air the soccer games and people don’t have much information about Worldcup.

Another reason is that there are many popular sports other than soccer in US. They are football, major league baseball, basektball, Ice Hockey, Tennis or Golf. American soccer team didn’t ever win first place in Worldcup before and that’s why people are less interested in soccer than other sports.

By the way, I went to local diner with my friends this morning and saw that several people were talking about Worldcup and American team score in Worldcup. You know what? I felt that they were really passionate about soccer and especially Worldcup. 🙂

#5 Why is America an attractive place to live? :: 2

Why is America an attractive place to live?

Why is America an attractive place to live?
No.2 The ethnic and cultural diversity

I can not forget the day when I arrived at JFK Airport for the first time. It was not better than other airports. There were many ticketing booths and it was crowded with people and luggages. Every one can see these kinds of things at airports all around the world. However, there was something different. There were many people who have different nationality and ethnicity. There were White people, Black people and Asian people. There were Italian, Japanese, German, Mexican, Chinese, French, Indonesian, etc. I was surprised because I could see and hear them at one place. At that time, I thought I could be so excited in this country. And, it was quite the same. I met many different kind of people from work and social community who came from many different country. I can experience many culture and many languages and it makes me feel happay.

Do you think there is a country somewhere like America which has this kind of diversity? I dare to say, “I don’t think so.” 🙂

#4 Why is America an attractive place to live? :: 1

Why is America an attractive place to live?

Why is America an attractive place to live?
No.1 The heart of the American people

I remember the New Orleans where was devastated by hurricane Katrina. The city was the ruins and there were many pitiable scenes on TV. We could see houses fallen by strong current of water, various household goods floating on the water and sobbing victims sat down next to their destoryed house. It was the one side of tragic history in America. However, there was the other side of America. We could see helicopter pilots from Phoenix flew all the way to New Orleans and conducted rooftop rescues, college students and church members helped restore the devastated areas and families took care of victims lost their home. We were moved by these kinds of things and the warm-hearted American people made all these happened. Of course, it’s the same as our daily lives. A next-door neighbor who takes care of a stray dog, a kind student who gives a direction to someone get lost and a lady who has a big smile and say hello to a stranger. As a foreigner, that’s why I feel America is an attractive place to live. 🙂

#3 American police officers love Dunkin Donuts?

American police officers love Dunkin Donuts?
Do you agree or not?

When we drive on a road, we can see the police officers who stand by their police car on the roadside and talk each other casually. And, they have Dunkin Donuts coffee and donuts on their hands. Or, there’s a road construction sign somewhere and police car with glittering light and police officers with constuction worker. And then? Of course, they have coffee and sandwiches with Dunkin Donuts logo. There are many other coffee brand names in US but why American police officers especially like Dunkin Donuts coffee? It’s stupid question. Does Dunkin Donuts company sponsor American Police Department financially? Anyway, That’s why it’s interesting and we feel freindly towards American police officers. 🙂

#2 Living in America is to pay credit card debt whole life?

American Life - Credit Card Debt

Living in America is to pay credit card debt whole life?
Do you agree or not?

Living in America is to pay credit card debt whole life. For examples, there’s no one who doesn’t have credit card debt from a survey of public opinion. We can see many people who are struggling because of credit card debt in our neighborhood.

Below is the American consumer’s Credit card debt statistics (2006-2007).
– Total US consumer debt (which includes installment debt, but not mortgage debt) reached $2.46 Trillion in June 2007, up from $2.398 Trillion at the end of 2006 (Source: Federal Reserve).
– The median U.S. household income is currently $43,200 and the typical family’s credit card balance is now almost 5 percent of their annual income. (Source: Federal Reserve)
– 8.3 percent of households owe $9,000 or more on their cards (Source: MSN Money).

There’s one of the reasons that people have credit card debt. Many American college students can get a credit card for free when they’re young. They get a loan for their school expenses and spend much money intemperately. Finally, they can’t pay for the debt and lose their credit. Sometimes, it makes them go into bankrupcy.

Credit card debt make many other problems like high inflation, downward economic status, etc. The best way not to make credit card debt is to economize expenses and save money.